AKI Philosophy

When the World is Shifted East

Today, as the global business environment continues to expand, organizations are confronting tremendous challenges. Some phenomena are neither avoidable nor reversible. Globalization is one of them.

In the wave of globalization, however, the acts of localization have emerged. The commitment of the ASEAN countries which is to build up their strong and unique communities has become a focal point of all leading global firms and has put the world economic to the new equilibrium.

What does it say to us?

As the center of the global power on economics and politics has been shifting east, Asian community will be in the spotlight and in much attention from all around the globe.

New markets will emerge.
New business culture will arise.
New faces of Asian leaders will become more and more recognized in the global business platform.

The Next Challenge for Asian Business

Cast your mind forward a decade from now and ask yourself “What will the business dynamics be like? “

With the existing rate of global business turbulence, some of the top listed companies you know today may be transformed to different nationality. The human capital in most firms will encounter the culture coalition. The workforce will soon be called as the brainforce. Mobility and connectivity will be the key attributes of the future work environment.

The future successful companies are now being built and shaped by the young leaders, the next generation global leaders or GEN-A

While businesses are struggling to adapt to the global turbulence, many leading companies have shifted their focus to the Asian markets and community which holds numerous unique attributes. That posts the significant challenges and the grand size of opportunity for the Asian rooted businesses where they know best about the culture, the landscape, the people, the styles, and the needs of the locals.

GEN-A Word