Executive Program in Asian Business Leadership

Executive Program in Asian Business Leadership #3

Today, as the global business environment continues to expand, organizations are confronting tremendous challenges. Some phenomena are neither avoidable nor reversible. Globalization is one of them.

In the wave of globalization, however, the acts of localization have emerged. The commitment of the Asian countries which is to build up their strong and unique communities has become a focal point of all leading global firms and has put the world economic to the new equilibrium.

With these intense challenges and open opportunities in mind, the Executive Program in Asian Business Leadership is developed and designed to deliver a world class business education by offering unique learning experience course and focusing on 'Asian Business Environment'. The participants will be exposed to essential knowledge that could provide competitive edges in managing modern business in the globalized world, various concept and hands-on experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Oversea technical trip will be offered to strengthen professional skills and to extend the participant's business experience