AKI Core Value

AKI as the Community of the Future Global Leaders

With these intense challenges and open opportunities in mind, we design and cultivate a broad range of programs and activities to deliver a rigorous and the in-depth but yet practical learning experience to groom the global future executives to be ready to what lies ahead.

ASIAN focus in the global platform

At AKI, numerous programs and activities are designed and developed to explore the Asian business opportunity, in particularly, how the ASEAN business landscape has reinvented itself and become the focus of the world. Not only about Asian business perspective, AKI also serves as a knowledge hub of the transition of the ancient Asian culture and wisdom to today’s dynamic lifestyle.

LEADERSHIP blueprint for the new era

Globalization future trends hold numerous challenging attributes: economic integration between nations, technology sharing and connectivity, culture coalition, and growing trend and needs of the global workforce. AKI shapes up and inspires the future global leaders and the future global entrepreneurs with a truly insightful perspective on leadership essentials for the new era: vision, morale, sense of good heart, social responsibility and technology integration. AKI grows leadership inspiration with positive social aspiration.


When the new game requires the new rule, AKI promotes the value of creative thinking and innovative mindset to set up the new rule for business and social delivery. While creativity and idea can be unbounded, AKI promotes a structured creativity where we will sort things out through systematic thinking process but yet can solve the problem creatively. At AKI, we believe that ‘the only limitation is your imagination’

Value of SOCIAL Leadership

Even an ordinary one can make an extraordinary difference. Where most economic measures seem to overlook the value of social well-being, AKI strives for a tangible push towards the better living and quality of life. Social innovation and social leadership are the keys to pave our way to the sustainable community. In AKI community, ones must enhance their vision and shape up their goal with the green DNA and environmental care and social awareness.

Asian Slik Social Innovation Leadership Knowledge